InMare Designs Flat Fender


InMare is shaking things up with a new flat boat fender, the Poseidone 2.0. Rather than going with the industry-standard round fender, InMare has designed the Poseidone 2.0 to have a flat side to lay on the side of the boat.

This unique shape comes with a number of advantages. Not only does this make the Poseidone 2.0 easier to store, it also prevents the fender from rolling off the dock. The Poseidone 2.0 is made out of a solid plastic material, so it slightly sticks to the side of your boat and absorbs impacts. The plastic material also prevents the fender from scratching or staining your boat.

The fender can be installed both horizontally and vertically. The Poseidone 2.0 comes standard in navy and white.

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