Insetta Boatworks Chooses EMC as Official Painter


Insetta Boatworks doesn’t want to worry about any of the craftsmanship on their boats, which is why the boatbuilder has decided that Engineered Marine Coatings (EMC)/Quantum will be responsible for painting all their Insetta 45 models.

“EMC has performed dramatically better than other brands tested,” says Victor Insetta, owner and president of Insetta Boatworks, in a press release. “So that is the product we have chosen to use.”

The Insetta 45 is hardcore fishing a diving center console catamaran. In particular, the boat boasts a very spacious deck area, the ability to accommodate both serious fisherman and cruisers, and high quality construction. The Insetta 45 can reach a max speed of 63 mph and cruises at 35-45 mph. The center console can seat 14.

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