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Great Lakes News

Huron-Clinton Metroparks to Improve Lake Erie Shoreline


Thanks to a $1.5 million grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, 1.7 acres of the Lake Erie shoreline around the Lake Erie Metropark will be restored. The 3-year-long project will focus on the hardened sand on the 1,183 feet of shoreline, which will be improved by removing non-native vegetation in order to plant native plants.

“We’re always focused on identifying new opportunities to protect and enhance our park’s natural environments, while also creating new experiences for visitors. This project does both,” says Amy McMillan, the Huron-Clinton Metroparks director. “We’re thankful for the support of committed partners that make projects like this possible.”

Soft sand will provide fun days by the water kayaking or fishing, shallow pools for fish spawning and nurseries will be created, and erosion from waves will be reduced thanks to low-velocity areas.

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 Photo courtesy of the Lake Erie Metroparks.

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