Hinckley Debuts Electric Dasher


Hinckley is turning a lot of heads, thanks to its all-new 26-foot electric yacht: Dasher. This is the world’s first fully-electric luxury dayboat, boasting twin 80-hp electric inboards, dual BMW i3 lithium ion batteries, a high-tech digital control system, a 40-mile range and speeds up to 27 mph. Best of all, this boat requires zero fuel and has zero emissions. 

“Since 1928, Hinckley has pioneered beautiful, timeless and highly innovative yachts,” says Peter O’Connell, president and CEO of The Hinckley Company. “We have a long tradition of innovation in pursuit of the perfect yachting experience. From the early use of fiberglass in the Bermuda 40 in the 1960s to the adoption of jet drives on the category-defining Picnic Boat, we’ve always worked to combine the latest technology with cutting edge naval architecture to do what has not yet been done.” 

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