Hinckley Announces Bermuda 50


The Hinckley Company and Tripp Design have announced creation of the all-new Hinckley Bermuda 50, an advanced performance sloop. The sailing yacht is the modern-day evolution of its predecessor, the Bermuda 40. 

On deck and below, the Bermuda 50 embodies all the design and finish qualities that have characterized a Hinckley yacht in the past, but with crisp, modern lines. This new Hinckley will define dual-purpose sailing for generations to come, in much the same way as its older sister, the William H. Tripp Jr.-designed Bermuda 40, did when it first came to life a half-century ago.

The versatile Bermuda 50 can easily be handled by a couple but will also accommodate a family for safe, luxurious performance cruising.

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