Helping Hand


Need a helping hand from time to time? Hand-ee Cleat is a portable cleat and hand-hold that can temporarily be affixed to any dock pole, piling or other object regardless of material (wood, steel, concrete, PVC, etc.) and with no damaging effects of permanent attachment.

It has a patented “open cleat” design that creates a sturdy hand-hold, making it a lot easier — and safer — getting on and off a boat. It’s also ideal for customizing your home mooring for docking convenience. Use it to help carry an awkward load, like a kayak, or as a hand-hold while working on or around your boat.

Hand-ee Cleat is made in the USA and constructed of glass-filled nylon. The 54-inch straps are made of polypropylene webbing that’s abrasion- and UV-resistant. It retails online for $59.95.

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