H2O Ninja Simplifies Snorkeling


Some of the worst parts of snorkeling are accidentally swallowing water and having to readjust your mask. With the H2O Ninja, however, these annoyances are a thing of the past. This snorkel mask fits over your entire face, allowing you to breath freely through both your nose and mouth.

The Original H2O Ninja is a two part design, made up of a detachable snorkel and a face mask. The design not only makes it easier to breath, but provides 180-degree views. The Ninja snorkel mask also boasts reduced fogging, a safety valve to prevent leaks and Dry Top technology, which stops water from sneaking into the mask through the snorkel.

Those that want to document tropical dives can also purchase the GoPro Ninja, which includes a GoPro mount and housing on the top of the mask. Both the original and GoPro versions come in blue, green, pink and black. The masks run in sizes small and large.

The Original H2O Ninja mask starts at $144.99 and the GoPro version is $164.99.

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