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Great Lakes News

Great Lakes Cruising Club: Members Welcome


If you’ve ever wanted to explore the bounty of fresh water that is the Great Lakes, cruising from expansive Lake Michigan to the depths of Lake Superior, then the Great Lakes Cruising Club (GLCC) is right up your alley.

Founded in 1934, GLCC is the area’s best source of information for cruising the Great Lakes. The club offers members a valuable opportunity to learn more about cruising the Sweetwater Seas and connect with thousands of other boaters.

When you become a GLCC member, you gain access to a network of informative port captains, cruising guides, the online GLCC School, real-time harbor reports for more than 1,100 ports, and exclusive events hosted by the club. Most importantly, you make new friends and create unforgettable memories while out cruising.

To celebrate GLCC’s 80th anniversary, the club’s 2014 Rendezvous will take place in Leamington, Ontario July 12-16, where you can partake in a wine tasting, auction, cruising food seminar, and even a volleyball tournament.

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Photo courtesy of Linda Caldwell, Great Lakes Cruising Club