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Great Lakes News

Great Lakes Consumers See Fall In Gas Price


What’s worse than a seemingly endless winter, bitter-cold temperatures and bone-chilling amounts of ice on the Great Lakes? High gas prices, of course.

Last week, Great Lakes residents faced some of the steepest gas prices in the entire nation. According to a report by GasBuddy, cities such as Columbus, Ohio and Lansing, Michigan faced increases of 53 to 70 cents per gallon respectively since New Year’s Day. Yikes!

Fortunately, soaring gas prices may have finally plateaued. The average cost per gallon of regular, unleaded fuel in Muskegon, Holland and Grand Rapids, Michigan on Monday was $3.06, according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report. The previous week had averages of $3.83 per gallon.

We can only hope that as the weather improves, gas prices stay low so boaters around the Great Lakes can enjoy their time on the water without sweating the dip in their pocketbooks.

Photo courtesy of Isaac Wedin

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