GOST Tracker App Puts Nav-Tracker on Phones and Tablets


GOST (Global Ocean Security Technologies) is a company specializing in marine security, tracking, monitoring and video surveillance systems. For their 10th year in business, they released the free GOST Tracker App, which allows boaters to link vessel data from a corresponding Nav-Tracker device and other GOST tracking systems via a smartphone or tablet.

For example, upon logging in, boaters will see a global map with icons showing the locations of each of their vessels. Clicking on an icon reveals a boat’s most recent latitude and longitude, boat speed, heading, security status (armed, disarmed) and nearby points of interest. Originally designed to track down stolen vessels, the Nav-Tracker also makes it easy for boaters to notify family, friends and maritime authorities if there is a deviation from a float plan. 

“Since its release, the Nav-Tracker product line has been used to protect and recover thousands of vessels worldwide, as well as to provide onshore support for long distance cruisers and for a number of global fisheries management programs,” says Jay Keenan, president and CEO of GOST. “With the combination of our tracking app and the notifications Nav-Tracker provides, our system gives users those few extra moments that can mean the difference between prevention and tragedy.”

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