GOST Security System Proves Its Worth


Often, there’s no better test of a product than in a real-world scenario. GOST — a marine security, tracking, monitoring and video surveillance systems company — had its NT-Evolution 2.0 SM system pass a real-life test with flying colors during a recent theft attempt in Florida this June.

In the early hours of June 14, a Fort Myers boater received a “Security Alert” text message from his GOST system. His neighbor, who was keeping an eye on things, was also alerted by an active alarm and strobe. When the neighbor went down to the dock to check things out, he found wet footprints around the vessel, but no thieves. 

“In the few weeks that I’ve owned the boat, I’ve only put about 12 hours on her,” says the boat owner. “These would-be thieves came in from the water like pirates and all they got is a pair of dirty shorts. Thanks to my GOST system I get to actually enjoy my new purchase.”

The attempted theft was thwarted thanks to GOST’s NT-Evolution 2.0 SM, a security, monitoring and satellite tracking package that comes with an infrared beam sensor, a pull sensor, high water sensor, a mini siren and a high intensity strobe. GOST carries a wide variety of systems designed to protect against instances of theft, fire, high water, low voltage and intrusion. 

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