FUSION and Tiara Yachts Team Up


Owning a Tiara yacht just got a little bit sweeter, thanks to a new partnership between the yacht builder and FUSION, the marine audio engineering company. Depending on the boat model, all new Tiaras will be outfitted with the FUSION MS-UD750 stereo with internal UNI-Dock, the MS-AV750 or the BB300 black-box entertainment system.

The MS-UD750 features a watertight internal compartment that can accommodate even the largest smartphones (including the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5) to play music. There’s also an external USB to connect to other media devices or to use for charging. The MS-UD750 can power up to four different audio zones, making it ideal for small to large boats. The system is also tough: The widescreen LCD is optically bonded to prevent condensation or fogging, and to deal with high temperatures and direct sunlight.

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