First Shinola Dive Watch Features Erie Monster


Detroit-based Shinola has unveiled a new Great Lakes-themed dive watch, just in time for the holidays. The stainless steel timepiece is rated for an underwater depth of 1,000 feet and features the “Lake Erie Monster” on the back, an unidentified creature of yore that was first spotted in 1783. 

The watch uses an automatic movement, has three bands, a black enamel dial, and a double dome sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. Shinola will only be producing 500 of these watches, not including five that will be sold on StockX, a digital platform with charity proceeds going to the Empowerment Plan, Detroit Children’s Fund and Project ACT.

The company says the purpose of the watch is to celebrate “the Great Lakes as well as the explorers, sailors, pioneers and divers who have spent centuries discovering the wonders of the nation’s largest freshwater lakes.”

Shinola’s Lake Erie Monster watch goes for a cool $2,250. Find it at

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