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Eastland Disaster Memorial at Old Lighthouse Museum


The Eastland Disaster Memorial was dedicated on July 24, 2015 at the Old Lighthouse Museum in Michigan City, Indiana to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the SS Eastland disaster. The chartered excursion ship rolled over onto its port side in about 20 feet of water while tied to the wharf in the Chicago River. The ship was bound for a company picnic outing at Washington Park in Michigan City. In total, 844 passengers and crew on board perished. The Eastland disaster represents the single greatest loss of life in Great Lakes maritime history. The Michigan City Historical Society Inc., Old Lighthouse Museum erected a memorial to honor those lost in the tragedy. An anchor chain, made of 844 links, winds its way to the Trail Creek wharf where the SS Eastland was to have arrived. One chain link for each life lost symbolically represents the magnitude of the tragedy.
— Paul Kemiel

[Photo by Paul Kemiel]

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