Door County Maritime Museum Announces Boat Raffle Winner


Dr. John Dovrary was thrilled upon receiving word of winning the grand prize in this year’s Door County Maritime Museum boat raffle which was drawn Sunday, October, 11, at the Pumpkin Patch Festival in Egg Harbor.

The summer-long raffle included over 60 prizes but the hand-crafted, classic wooden boat constructed by the museum’s boatbuilding class remained the featured prize. This year’s vessel was a sleek Stickelback Dory, long and lean sail-rowing craft.

Volunteer instructors Bob Schottmuller, David Morgan, and Jerry McNamara selected the Stickleback Dory as it is a fine example of a glued seam, lapstrake-plywood construction in the Swampscott tradition. This small, shallow-draft boat is usually a lightweight boat with high sides, a flat bottom and sharp bows. It is easy to build because of its simple lines. For centuries, dories have been used as traditional fishing boats, both in coastal waters and in the open sea.

“I have been purchasing raffle tickets for ten years in support of the Door County Maritime Museum,” says Dr. Dovrary, a dentist in Shawano, WI. “What a wonderful surprise to win the boat on my 71st birthday during our yearly trip to Door County!”

The boat, which generated plenty of attention throughout the summer as it made its way to numerous festivals up and down the Peninsula, continues to draw admirers.

“I used to sail in my younger days,” Dr. Dovrary adds. “While in college I used to work for Palmer Johnson in Racine.” He recalled fun stories of meeting Mike Kelsey, Sr. who was president of the company back in the day.

Photo caption: Dr. John Dovrary, winner of the Stickleback Dory