Door County Institutions Offer Reciprocal Memberships


The Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club (SBYC) and Door County Maritime Museum (DCMM) are seeking new members through a dual membership program for 2017. Members of one of the Door County institutions can join the other, all membership perks included, at a reduced rate.

“To broaden our network of support, DCMM and SBYC put our heads together to try and offer this great maritime community of ours more benefits and a chance to be involved with other mariners,” said DCMM Executive Director Amy Paul.

Members of the SBYC can join the DCMM at reduced rates: Individual Lifetime Memberships (originally $825) will be $600, and Family Lifetime Membership (valued at $1,100) will be available for $875. DCMM members gain a number of discounts and perks, including unlimited “free” admission to all DCMM locations: Sturgeon Bay, Tugboat John Purves, Gills Rock and Cana Island Lighthouse.

Members of DCMM can join the SBYC for just $200 for the first year, along with a $50 discount on their next year’s dues. SBYC members gain access to the club’s clubhouse and amenities, monthly events, outings, celebrations and more.

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