Dockmate System Gets an Upgrade


With Dockmate, the touch of a wireless remote-control can power your boat. The company recently announced an upgrade to its solution, offering the ability to now operate electronically controlled parts of a boat, such as engines, bow and stern thrusters, anchor winches and horns.

Dockmate is available in four models: Single, Twin, Twist 3-axis joystick with proportional control and Twist IPS for POD drives (such as the Volvo IPS).

The enhanced functionality of the fail-safe Dockmate solution increases the number of accessories that can be used, makes the solution more accurate and also increases its range to 150 feet. Each solution comes with a wireless handheld transmitter and lanyard in addition to a wireless charger. It is all waterproof, allowing for spills and drops that are somewhat inevitable while out on the water.

“After many years of building prototypes and extensive testing, we have developed a system that is highly-reliable, intuitive and most of all, affordable,” says Brian Sheehan, Dockmate U.S. spokesperson. “With our enhanced remote controls boaters can move around any vessel for better visibility when maneuvering and enjoy complete confidence in even the tightest of waterways.”

A five-function Dockmate system (two engines, thruster, anchor and horn) has a retail price of $6,800.

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