CrewWatcher Alerts if MOB


Whether you have small kids on-board or a large party of people, sometimes keeping everyone on-board your boat — and safe — can be tough. CrewWatcher, developed by PanPan, is a system that keeps track of your crew.

The CrewWatcher system consists of a smartphone app and small, wearable beacons. Each crewmember — be it adult, child or pet — wears a beacon. If someone goes overboard, the beacon will alert the CrewWatcher app, which will sound an alarm and provide latitude and longitude coordinates, the time of the event and a visual guide for the rescuer.

Cell service is not required for the CrewWatcher system to work, and it operates on most smartphones or tablets. One smart device can watch up to five crewmembers. The system was a winner of the 2017 Sail Magazine Innovation Award. CrewWatcher is developed by PanPan in partnership with Weems & Plath.

The CrewWatcher single pack starts at $89.99, and the double pack goes for $149.99. For more information, visit

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