Cox Powertrain Unveils Engine Display System


Cox Powertrain, a British outboard manufacturer, used the Miami International Boat Show to unveil a new engine joystick control and display system. The system will be used with the company’s new diesel outboard engine, the CXO300.

Cox Powertrain partnered up with Xenta Systems, which developed an intuitive joystick control system, the Xenta Smart Stick. The Smart Stick, part of the Powertrain system, uses a boat’s engines, transmissions and bowthrusters for seamless maneuverability in tight quarters.

The Cox Powertrain system also utilizes a new PowerView 1200 display screen from Murphy by Enovation. The display screen offers full-featured engine diagnostics on a configurable display screen, has a large memory and features excellent connectivity. The screen is a 12.3-inch glare-free LED screen.

The Xenta Smart Stick and PowerView 1200 will be bundled up for use with Cox Powertrain’s CXO300, one of the world’s highest power density diesel outboard engines. The CXO300 is expected to be available later this year.

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