Clean Wake Program Collects Old Engines


Have an old two-stroke outboard engine you just don’t know what to do with?

Summerhill Impact, in partnership with Honda Canada Inc., is running the Clean Wake Program across Ontario until August 31 and will collect your old engines before summer ends!

Recreational boaters can trade in their old, less-than-environmentally-friendly engines before putting their boats in storage for the winter season, allowing them to switch to a more efficient option. The program offers a 10 percent-discount towards the purchase of a new Honda four-stroke outboard engine. The old engines will be recycled through certified auto recyclers.

"Many boaters don’t realize how much pollution their old two-stroke motor is emitting into the air and water at their favorite summer lake, or how much it is costing them," says Heather Farquharson, managing director of Summerhill Impact. “That old conventional two-stroke outboard may have come with the cottage, but this year don't just pack it away; replace it."

The Clean Wake Program is available through any Ontario Honda Marine dealer. 

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