BZ Optics Creates Light-Sensitive Bi-Focal Sunglasses


When out on the water, visibility is crucial — whether it’s for objects near or far. With this in mind, BZ Optics has developed bi-focal lenses for boaters that adjust to dark and sunny light conditions.

BZ Optics’s PHO range of sunglasses utilize photochromic lenses; in dark or low light, the lenses are clear, but in bright light and higher UV levels the lenses darken. A bi-focal sits discretely at the rear lower edge of the lens, so sailors can keep an eye on both the distant horizon and nearby chartplotter without problem. BZ Optics’ PHO frames are lightweight, flexible and come with an adjustable non-slip nosepiece. The frames are also sleek enough to fit under helmets, making them ideal for a number of other outdoor activities.

PHO sunglasses are available with blue mirror standard lenses or photochromic lenses (without bi-focal). Boaters can choose from a few color options, including: White/blue, graphite/grey, bright yellow/grey and bright pink/grey. The bi-focal lenses come in +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50 power options.

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