Brunswick Introduces NAUTIC-ON


Brunswick’s new NAUTIC-ON smart boating platform keeps boaters connected to their vessel, even when miles away. The system uses an app and wireless sensors to keep boaters in the loop on the status of their boat.

The NAUTIC-ON platform can be installed on any boat that has a battery. It can be found in new boat models or retrofitted onto old models. Boaters log into the NAUTIC-ON app on their smart device, which connects to smart sensors installed on the boat. These sensors provide the boat’s location and vital systems data. It can also alert boaters if any of these systems are malfunctioning. Boaters can also share this data with a service provider to help them more efficiently resolve any issues.

“NAUTIC-ON brings a new standard to the connected boating experience through advanced design, industry-leading service and a meticulously-crafted digital experience built to keep boaters on the water,” says Adam Schanfield, NAUTIC-ON general manager. “Backed with Brunswick Corporation’s deep customer knowledge and design quality, NAUTIC-ON defines a new smart-boating category with an expandable system dedicated to the marine environment, putting power in the hands of boaters when they need it.”

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