Brewery Crafts "Alegae Bloom" Beer


Maumee Bay Brewing Co. is serving up some unusual-looking beer to get the word out about toxic algae in Lake Erie. The bright green beer, named “Alegae Bloom,” was recently available in limited quantities at the brewery.

Maumee Bay Brewing is a Toledo, Ohio-based brewery that opened in 1995. Typically, the company produces a variety of craft ales, lagers, porters and stouts. The company says water is a main ingredient in their beers, and they source their water supply from the city tap. The company hopes Alegae Bloom drives home the importance of addressing the massive algal blooms that have hit Lake Erie the past few years, threatening drinking water and the environment.

Those with sensitive taste buds can rest assured: The company used powdered green tea and kiwi to achieve the beer’s green hue. The company says it plans on scaling up production of Alegae Bloom so more people can get a taste.

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