BoatU.S. Foundation Launches On-Water Training Program


With the pilot program in 2018 a success, BoatU.S. has officially launched the BoatU.S. Foundation On-Water Training program. Courses will be offered at 40 locations at weekend club events, marinas and professional on-water training facilities.

Two of the five courses, “Course One: Introduction to Powerboating” and “Women Making Waves” are taught on 20- to 26-foot single-engine boats and are three hours long. Each is $149.

All courses, including “Course Two: Precision Docking and Boat Handling,” “Course Three: Open-Water Boat Handling” and “Course Four: Open-Water Advanced Maneuvering,” allow students to get behind the wheel and understand how to navigate shifting, steering, stopping, station holding and other safety techniques.

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