BoatU.S. Lists Tips to Prevent Boat Theft


Owning a smaller boat may make trailering and exploring the Great Lakes easier, but it also makes boat owners more susceptible to theft. According to a recent study that looked at five years of BoatU.S. Marine Insurance claims files, 75 percent of all boats stolen measured in at 26 feet or less, had an outboard motor and were resting on a trailer. With winter storage season in full force, BoatU.S. has recommended five safety tips to make your boat more difficult to steal.

1: Go lock crazy! BoatU.S. recommends outfitting your boat with multiple lock to dissuade thieves from even attempting to break in.

2: Don’t leave your boat keys on the boat. Thieves know all the good hiding places!

3: Make the trailer impossible to move. By utilizing a removable tongue hitch or removing trailer tires, moving a heavy boat becomes near impossible. Simpler tasks — such as not parking on the driveway or using removable trailer lights — can also help.

4: Don’t stand out. Make waves out on the water, not on land. Use a full winter cover and remove the latest gadgets from your boat before putting it into storage.

5: Look into the latest anti-theft technologies. There are a number of devices that connect to apps, which can alert you via phone or email if something fishy is happening on your boat. Some devices can even kill the motor if your boat moves out of a preset geographical area.

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