BoatU.S. Dispels Four Fire Extinguisher Myths


When it comes to boat safety, there’s no room for uncertainty. This is why the BoatU.S. Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water has debunked four fire extinguisher myths that they are often asked by boaters.

For example, the first myth says that tapping or striking a fire extinguisher keeps the contents fresh. BoatU.S. says, however, that modern extinguishers don’t use chemicals that cake up and need to be broken up. In fact, striking a fire extinguisher excessively could end up compromising it.

Another common myth BoatU.S. must debunk each year is that fire extinguishers go “bad” every year and must be replaced. Although the Coast Guard requires you to carry an extinguisher in “good and serviceable” condition, fire extinguishers, unlike flares, have no expiration date. Just make sure the charge indicator is in the green zone, the nozzle is unobstructed, and the cylinder is not rusted.

The other myths that BoatU.S. confronts include: All extinguishers must be mounted with a bracket, and the law says you only need to carry one extinguisher. To learn the facts behind these misconceptions, visit