Boaters Embracing Frugality


The economy hasn’t been easy on anyone’s wallet these last few years, and boaters are no exception.

Some people consider boating an exclusive activity, meant only for the rich. But a study contained in the National Marine Manufacturers Association's Statistical Abstract Report shows that 73 percent of boat owners in the U.S. in 2011 had an annual household income of less than $100,000 — meaning the majority of boaters are actually members of the Middle Class. 

In this day and age, boaters have embraced the art of frugality and are dedicated to finding ways to save on the family boating budget. Instead of selling their boats when the recession hit in the late 2000s, many boaters chose to make shorter trips, participate in “boat-pooling” and exercise other cost-sharing methods, according to a recent report by BoatUS, the nation’s leading advocate for recreational boaters with more than a half-million members.

BoatUS also is helping keep boaters’ wallets fat by offering member discounts on fuel, slips, repairs and other marine services.

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