Boat Saver Quickly Frees Boats Run Aground


Running aground is something most boaters would rather not remember, let alone admit. It's a costly problem: you might have to wait hours for the tide to shift, pay an arm and a leg to be towed, or risk being unable to escape nightfall or inclement weather. Fortunately for all other boaters, Frank Didik, a 40-year boating veteran, says he has had his fair share of times running aground. It was these rough patches in his boating history that inspired Didik to create the patent-pending Boat Saver, a lightweight ram for freeing grounded boats.

Using the Boat Saver is simple: in fact, it only requires one person. The front pad of the Boat Saver conforms to the contours of your boat, so that you can push off from the bow, stern, port or starboard. It is also able to push off hard and soft surfaces, such as a sand bar or reef. Once properly positioned, the Boat Saver uses hydraulics to push the obstruction and hull of the boat at the same time. 

Despite its compact size and light weight, the Boat Saver produces greater force that most tow boats, kedging, using a push pole or using a rope tied to a motorized dinghy. This boat safety product is also customizable: depending on the size of your boat, the Boat Saver can be ordered in a variety of sizes and weights.

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