Boat Rental Companies Boatsetter and Cruzin Merge


Boatsetter and Cruzin, both recognized leaders in the peer-to-peer (P2P) boat sharing market, announced today that they are merging their companies. The combined company will carry the Boatsetter name but the brand has been merged to incorporate the Cruzin look and feel.

Jaclyn Baumgarten is the new CEO of Boatsetter, and Andrew Sturner the executive chairman. The company has headquarters in both South Florida and Silicon Valley.

"The merger with Cruzin accelerates our business and boosts our appeal to our boat owners, captains and marina partners and provides a superior experience for our customers," says Andrew Sturner, executive chairman, Boatsetter. "Together, we are positioned to be the market leader, offering the only complete solution in the boat sharing market."

Cruzin was founded by Jaclyn Baumgarten and launched in 2012 when she created the premier online marketplace for renters and private boat owners. Boatsetter is the technology startup that that has been disrupting the multi-billion dollar marine industry since it launched in 2014 as the first peer-to-peer company offering captained boats to recreational boat renters.

The boating industry is ripe for disruption. The new Boatsetter will offer increased capacity, capital and presence in the market with its success relying on continuing to build an ecosystem that connects boaters, boat owners, captains and marine industry professionals – with the largest network of marina partnerships in the industry. The company has created a trusted environment that affords everyone, regardless of their boating experience, the ability to enjoy boating anytime, anywhere.

"We are elated about the merger with Boatsetter," says Jaclyn Baumgarten, CEO of Boatsetter. "We have remarkably complementary assets and look forward to accelerating the speed of innovation in the multi-billion dollar marine industry. We are jumping on the burgeoning collaborative consumption movement by bringing great on-the-water experiences to the more than 80 million Millennials of 'generation-share' who are looking for new and exciting experiences."

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