BOAT RADIO Hits Airwaves July 1


The world of boating-themed media is branching out this summer with the launch of BOAT RADIO: The first talk radio station for boating enthusiasts — from boat owners to world cruisers, sailing aficionados, professional yacht crews and armchair adventurers.

The talk station launches July 1 at 12:00 GMT, and will be available wherever there’s Wi-Fi or a cell phone signal. Experts — including sailing journalists, researchers, ecologists, and bloggers — will cover a range of topics, from inspiring stories to practical boat advice and marine conservation. Daily segments include: The Classic Yacht Show, The Boat Galley, The Ocean Research Project, The Sail Racing Magazine Show, The Weather Eye and more. Segments will be broadcast from around the U.S. and world. Boaters can download the BOAT RADIO app online from the Apple store.

The managing editor of BOAT RADIO is Mike McDowall, a radio and television journalist with more than twenty years of experience at organizations such as CNN, APTV and the BBC.

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