Blue Gas Marine Brings Natural Gas to Boating Industry


Automobiles have had the capacity to run on natural gas for years — a form of fuel that’s known for being clean, with fewer emissions and less expenses.

Now, natural gas for boats is a reality with Blue Gas Marine, a company that’s introduced technology allowing boats to run on natural gas. The company, established in 2012, currently makes natural gas hybrid fuel systems for existing gas and diesel engines that can be installed on existing outboards, inboards and generator engines.

With its patent-pending proprietary technology to make computer-controlled gaseous fuel systems for marine engines, Blue Gas Marine also has partnered with companies that specialize in natural gas fuel storage.

“We have a passion for boating,” says Miguel Guerreiro, company CEO and founder. “That passion drives our mission to ‘Boat more often.’ We do this by providing innovative marine fuel-system solutions for marine propulsion and on-board power generation that are cleaner and significantly more affordable to operate than any other in the market. Our solutions enable boats to maintain traditional engine performance and reduce emissions, while customers pay less to become green. It’s a win-win for boaters and the environment.”

The Blue Gas Marine system would allow boaters to instantly switch between fuel systems, permitting boats to operate on natural gas whenever possible, and gasoline or diesel when natural gas is not available. The system also helps boaters avoid engine failure due to the ethanol additives to gasoline.

The company will soon begin taking orders for the new hybrid and dedicated systems.

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