Birds Be Gone


Bird droppings are… well… for the birds, thanks to the Dori Pole Nylon Pennant System from Consort Display Group. With 15 standard pennant colors, 23 custom colors, 12 color pairs, and four pole heights ranging from 12 to 22 feet tall, the Dori Pole gives boaters, waterfront home owners and those with docks the opportunity to decorate their property while simultaneously — and more importantly — deterring geese and other birds from making an unsightly and annoying mess.

This pennant system is the most humane way to keep geese and birds of all kinds at bay and prevent them from leaving unwanted “gifts” behind. The Dori Pole’s unique swiveling top yoke prevents the pennant from tangling and its ¼-inch fiberglass top arms hold pennants firmly to withstand strong winds. Installation is quick and easy, and the system can remain in place year round.

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