Beachworks LLC Debuts Superlauncher


Beachworks LLC, the inventors and builders of the Beachlauncher, have recently debuted the company’s latest model: The Superlauncher.

This monster unit is capable of launching boats weighing as much as 10,000 pounds at lengths up to 35 feet. It’s a simple, time-saving way to launch and retrieve your boat from your waterfront property in just minutes, not hours — all from the comfort of your cockpit.

The Superlauncher’s drive train features six tracks over 12 tires, driven by a 40-hp Subaru Robin gasoline engine. The unit’s frame boasts galvanized steel, cedar wood deck with stairs, carpeted adjustable bunks and wireless remote control with 600-foot range. All parts for the Beachlauncher and Superlauncher are manufactured and assembled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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superlauncher photo courtesy of beachworks llc

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