Batboat Reappears For 50th Anniversary


The Batboat is back! Crystal Lake Marine Services from Woodstock, Illinois reconstructed a replica of the 1966 Batboat just in time for the 50th anniversary of the 1966 "Batman" film. 

The boat was originally designed and created by Mel Whitley and Robert Hammond with Glastron Industries from a Glastron V-174 and first appeared in the 1966 "Batman" movie starring Adam West and Burt Ward. It was subsequently used in seasons two and three of the 1960s "Batman" television series. 

This replica Batboat was created by Crystal Lake Marine Services from a 1992 Sea Swirl 188 Spyder. Much detail went into every step of the project. The goal was to try and stay within the style of the original Batboat including the signature bat fin off the aft with a red beacon light, bat air scoops on the bow, captain and co-captain torpedo-shaped windows, as well as the metallic flake blue paint with flames on the hull and bat decals on the fin, while also making it durable with some modern conveniences.

Since the original was more of a movie/television prop and not made with longevity and real use comfort in mind, Crystal Lake Marine Services made some changes like bucket swivel captain and co-captain seats, adding two jump seats and having the bow seats available when the bat air scoops are off. They also used retro blue, gray and white marine-approved upholstery for the seats and interior. The bat trailer was never seen in the movie or television series so they created what they thought it might look like if you were to see it towed behind the Batmobile.

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