AIRHEAD Acquires WaterMat


AIRHEAD Sports Group, a Denver-based producer of watersport and outdoors products, has acquired WaterMat. Boaters will recognize the WaterMat as those colorful floating foam mats that have become almost ubiquitous at marinas, lakes and other recreational areas. The WaterMat comes in a number of sizes and can be rolled up for easy transport.

In joining the AIRHEAD group, WaterMat will be under the same umbrella as SportsStuff, Dry Pak and Yukon (formerly Yukon Charlie’s). 

“AIRHEAD Sports Group is the perfect company to take the WaterMat family of products to the next level,” says WaterMat founder Bob Pole in a statement. “Their innovative history, combined with being so customer focused, really excites me. AIRHEAD Sports Group is an expert at making products that create memories for people that love the water, and WaterMat is in great hands for the future.”

The WaterMat can be used for recreational fun or exercise by almost all ages. 

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