3D Printing Changing Boat Industry


Is 3D printing the future of boating? According to a article, New Zealand marine companies are introducing 3-dimensional (3D) printing to help stay competitive in the seafaring country.

Traditionally, boatbuilders and manufacturers of marine components relied on model building to help meet their customers needs; but, according to the article, these days New Zealand companies are leaning a bit more on technology to develop new lines of boats.

Companies now have the ability to generate 3D models out of inexpensive material, like filament, saving New Zealand companies money and hours of labor. Instead of using onscreen drawings, a company can now present a design to a customer and get a quick, 3D-printed model of a boat.

The article recommends the XYZ Printing Da Vinci, for boat builders — a budget-friendly 3D printer that “retails for around $900 and can produce models of up to 20 cubic centimeters.”

Another bonus to 3D printing in the marine industry is having the ability to test component designs before committing to production. 3D printing is transforming the face of the New Zealand boat industry, allowing for more innovation and competition, according to the article.