2016 Mariner Award Dinner Winners Announced


Each year during “Sturgeon Bay Maritime Week: A Salute to the United States Coast Guard,” important maritime figures and local Coast Guardsmen are honored at the Mariner Award Dinner.

This year’s award dinner in early August saw a number of worthy candidates for both the Mariner Award and the Coast Guard Person of the Year award. The Mariner Award is given to individuals who have had a significant positive impact on the Door County maritime community. The award goes to one living and one deceased recipient. This year’s living Mariner Award winner was Dick Purinton, the president and owner of the Washington Island Ferry Line. Purinton worked his way up to his current position after starting his career as a deckhand. Purinton is also an author and local historian. Posthumous honors were awarded to Jeff Weborg, August Rieboldt and Alanson Sweet for their roles in shaping maritime industries in the area.

The Coast Guard Person of the Year award is given to a local active duty Coast Guardsman who exemplifies key Coast Guard values. This year’s winner was Seaman Clark, who was honored due to her longtime dedicated volunteer work within the community.

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