Crownline E27

Great looks, a comfortable ride and zero wasted space.

by David A. Rose
To tell you the truth, it’s odd to be reminiscing about your grandmother while test driving a brand new boat.


  • LOA: 27'
  • Beam: 102"
  • Draft:
  • Weight:
  • Fuel Capacity: 55 gals.
  • Water Capacity:
  • Power: 430 hp
  • Price: Contact dealer

But that’s exactly what happened to me while aboard Crownline’s new E27 Eclipse sport deckboat.

The recollection wasn’t because deckboats were what our family rented every summer during reunions on the very same Chain of Lakes I was putting this 27-foot fiberglass-hulled boat through the ringer on — the trial taking place on the stunning 18,770-acre Torch Lake in Michigan’s northwest Lower Peninsula. And it was definitely not because this boat was like one of the bulky, rough-riding deckboats of yesteryear; in fact, this vessel was one of the most comfortable, smooth-riding rigs I’ve ever piloted. 

Rather, I could hear my grandmother's voice resonating through my mind with an adage she would often voice after I’d take something out of its spot but would be lax when it came to putting it back. That statement? “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

While inspecting the E27, I quickly noticed the attention to detail found in every nook and cranny; every inch of this sport deckboat is so well thought out, it leaves zero wasted space. On this boat, there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. 

From the outside looking in

The Eclipse is the very opposite of what its name implies. It doesn’t disappear within a crowd; rather, it stands out among a mob of other boats with its sleek design and complimentary color combinations. 

I realized this quickly, as the test drive was near Torch Lake’s popular sandbar, a spot where oodles of boaters anchor up for summer fun. And it was here that heads turned, folks waved and a few thumbs-up came our way. Offered in seven exterior hues, the suave, rounded edges give this craft a sporty look. 

The weather on the day of testing was as picture perfect as a summer day could be, with bluebird skies and a light breeze. Since the weather made for a quintessential boating day, the heavy beginning-of-the-weekend boat traffic had the lake’s surface roiled in a few places. 

Hitting the waves, I was impressed with Crownline’s unique Fin-Assisted Safe Turn (F.A.S.T.) Tab Hull Design and vented hull chine with reversed and Delta Performance Pad; the former mending the problem of stern wander, and the rest improving slow-speed stability, time-to-plane acceleration and fuel economy. And, speaking of fuel, the E27 Eclipse comes with a massive 55-gallon gas chamber. 

The model I tested sported the ship’s standard, powerful Catalyst MerCruiser 6.2L MPI Bravo III. It's quiet enough that you can talk without raising your voice while running top-end.

Overall, the craft’s hull design underneath its 102-inch beam — in addition to ergonomically-supportive seating — allowed us a very comfortable 31 mph cruising speed at 3,700 rpms and a top speed of 48 mph at 5,400 rpms. Unlike the deckboats of the past, this boat sliced through the waves we aimed for with nary a thump felt.

Little things mean a lot

The Eclipse E27's interior was well laid out within each compartment and behind several closed doors. The first smart detail I noticed was a simple storage space designed for a carry-on 25-quart marine cooler, located under the seating behind the captain’s chair. (There’s another 36-quart cooler at the bow, to boot.) The compartment’s interior is molded to hold the cooler snug, which means there’s no shifting around and rattling during a run. Even the cooler’s side handles have their own space to lay, which keeps them in an upward position so there is no fumbling when removing. That same stall can also be turned into a wetbar for entertaining. 

Every other storage compartment is a cavern in its own right, and they abound bow to stern, including massive in-floor stowing for skis, wakeboards and the like. These are coated with Gator Guard impact-resistant finish. Articulated hinges hold lids in place, keeping fingers safe from pinching. Even boat bumpers have their own spot, fitting perfectly into mesh netting hidden within the head of the captain’s helm. This not only keeps them in place with easy access, but allows them to dry out quickly and stay mildew-free. 

Easy-peasy access

One person you never want to dread your arrival is a boat mechanic. But with great access to the inboard for routine maintenance on the Eclipse, there’s no disgruntled moaning, but rather sighs of relief. Just unlatch and lift the back seat, and gas springs hold open the cover for easy entry. The same holds true for boat riggers getting up and under the helm for wiring new electronics. When empty, the large storage space ahead of the dash will be an incredibly stress-free experience for them, as well. 

But not many extra accessories are needed, as the dash has all the toggles for interior and exterior LED lighting and bilge pumps, as well as easy-to-see gauge clusters and a Kicker stereo with Bluetooth that’s rigged to eight Wet Sounds speakers, including two at the outer transom’s swim platform/social area. A Raymarine Axiom 7 sonar/GPS combo with Navionics mapping will help you steer clear of dangerous shallow water areas or help you navigate back to the dock in a sudden fog. There are also USB power stations and cup holders galore throughout the entire boat. 

Popularity contest

One of the most popular features on this yacht-certified vessel is the head, which is concealed in the portside dash. It's finished with a genuine granite countertop and a stainless steel sink featuring a pull-out faucet that doubles as a showerhead, so everyone in the family will be content all day long. And behind the head’s door? More compartments to stash gear.

Last but not least, the craft was as easy to depart as it was to board; several levels in the transom area allow even someone such as myself — with artificial joints and more that need repair — to step in and out safely, no matter the height of the dock you’re tied up to. 

Great looks, a comfortable ride and zero wasted space — that’s Crownline’s newest sport deckboat, the E27 Eclipse. My grandmother would approve. 

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