Hobie Mirage i11s

Fish, beware.

by Gary Reich
What do you get when you cross a stand-up paddleboard with a kayak that’s made by Hobie Cat, a company that “gets it” when it comes to on-the-water adventure?


  • LOA: 11'3"
  • Beam: 3'3"
  • Draft:
  • Weight: 64.5 lbs.
  • Fuel Capacity:
  • Water Capacity:
  • Power:
  • Price: $1,999


The Hobie Mirage i11s, that’s what. It’s a unique combination of an inflatable boat, stand-up paddleboard and kayak, with a bend toward fishing.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this craft is that since it’s made out of 1000-denier PVC, it can be deflated and packed into a rolling bag that’s not much bigger than your average checked luggage. Unrigged, the Mirage i11s weighs only 35 pounds. Fully rigged — with seat, rudder, paddle and MirageDrive unit — you’re looking at just under 65 pounds. The inflated and rigged unit is a rigid, tough and stable platform that’s great not just for simple exploring and paddling, but also for angling.  

The i11s is of course human-powered. Muscle strength is channeled through either a standard kayak paddle or Hobie’s clever MirageDrive system. The MirageDrive system is a pair of elegant, pedal-powered fins that efficiently propel the i11s through the water, keeping the occupant with two free hands for angling, taking photos or bird watching. Alternatively, you can remove all the kayak gear (MirageDrive, seat and associated controls) and simply add the included fin to use the i11s as a stand-up paddleboard.

The wide nature of the i11s’ hybrid design means it is not only stable, but it also provides a lot of deck space for fishing gear. The aft deck can accommodate a large tackle and rod holder box, while additional gear can be secured under bungee tie-downs on the foredeck. A nice feature of the i11s is that you sit higher on the water than you do with most kayaks — even the “sit-on-top” types. That makes for more comfortable casting and provides a good vantage point for spotting fish.  

Ruth Triglia, vice president of sales for Hobie Cat, says, “Our new Hobie Mirage i11s is the perfect blend of a lightweight, quick, comfortable kayak that easily converts into a stand-up paddleboard. Because it’s an inflatable, it can go into the trunk of the car, or you can leave it stashed on your boat so it’s ready to go when you are.” 


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