Lake Meets River at the Cape Cape Vincent, New York
Lake Meets River at the Cape
Cape Vincent in Upstate New York is described as the town “Where Lake and River Meet.” Its rugged shores hug both Lake Ontario and the mighty St. Lawrence River along a panoramic peninsula that is the western gateway to the world-famous Thousand Islands.

The charming coastal town of Cape Vincent— located about 25 miles north of Watertown — is known for the Victorian-era Tibbetts Point Lighthouse, which stands watch over the Great Lakes and neighboring Canada and marks the entrance to the St. Lawrence Seaway. Cape Vincent overlooks Wo...

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Lakeside Retreat(s) Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin
Lakeside Retreat(s)
Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago and the surrounding communities of Appleton, Fond du Lac, Oshkosh and Neenah offer visiting boaters a warm, friendly atmosphere with more than 1,000 events and festivals
to keep you entertained, no matter the season.

I’m plopped cross-legged in the center of Appleton, Wisconsin’s Houdini Plaza, thumping an inverted paint bucket with a pair of wooden drumsticks. It’s a blue sky day pretty enough to make anyone sing, or, in our case, pound out some increasingly complicated rhythms — this un...

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Summer Lovin’ Michigan City, IN
Summer Lovin’
Michigan City, Indiana offers visiting boaters a mix of fun, food and fishing in this charming port city located along the southern Lake Michigan shore.

Settled in 1830 where Trail Creek flows into the southern-most tip of Lake Michigan, historic Michigan City, Indiana is a charming port city offering boaters easy walkability to an abundance of fun and cultural activities. “There’s so much to do,” says Rod Bensz, who, along w...

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Place of Rolling White Sands Penetanguishene, Ontario
Place of Rolling White Sands
With first-class marine facilities and close proximity to Georgian Bay, the 30,000 Islands, Trent-Severn Waterway and so much more, it’s little wonder that Penetanguishene remains a popular destination for Great Lakes boaters.

Owning a boat on the Great Lakes is a bit like owning a time machine. Because so much of our region was originally settled from the water, approaching a new community by boat lets you see it as its first inhabitants might have, and that’s especially true when you travel to more sparsely-popula...

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Hello, Toledo! Toledo, Ohio
Hello, Toledo!
This Ohio port city, nestled on the banks of the Maumee River, welcomes visiting boaters with open arms, inviting them in to experience its friendly atmosphere and local charms.

Boaters can get anywhere from Toledo. But before cruising up the Great Lakes from Lake Erie or heading off to sea via the St. Lawrence Seaway, why not drop anchor and sample the smorgasbord of attractions in this Ohio port city on the banks of the Maumee River? You may be pleasantly surpr...

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Charlevoix the Beautiful Charlevoix, Michigan
Charlevoix the Beautiful
Nicknamed the “Queen of Northern Resort Country,” this charming Michigan town lives up to its moniker, offering visiting boaters an abundance of delightful views, culinary treats and good, old-fashioned history.

As the drawbridge lifts and we motor between Lake Michigan and Charlevoix’s Round Lake, the only thing missing is the blare of a trumpet or two. Like visiting royalty is the best way we can describe how we’re feeling, as spectators smile or shout “Hello!” from nearby benches ...

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Incredible Port Credit Port Credit, Ontario
Incredible Port Credit
With great restaurants, amenities and more, Ontario’s salmon capital is a top boating destination — and just an hour west of Toronto

All over the world, hidden gems await discovery, often camouflaged in plain sight by their proximity to something larger and glitzier. And for decades, so it was for Port Credit, Ontario — a quiet and peaceful community on the north shore of Lake Ontario. While nearby Toronto stole the lim...

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Center of the Freshwater World St. Ignace, Michigan
Center of the Freshwater World
The quaint Upper Peninsula community of St. Ignace, Michigan offers visiting boaters a world of delights, no matter the season.

For months, I kept my sticker proclaiming “I climbed Castle Rock” on a wall next to my desk, glancing over now and then for a sure smile. It’s not like the feat was akin to climbing Mt. Everest, walking those 170 steps to the top of a 200-foot natural rock column just north of the ...

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Cinderella of the Pacific Ensenada and Mexico's Baja Peninsula
Cinderella of the Pacific
Ensenada, in Mexico’s Baja California, provides Great Lakes boaters with an exotic escape during the cold winter months.

Summer passes quickly in northern climates. All too soon, ice has locked up the Great Lakes, and boats sit in storage buildings and under shrink wrap, waiting for spring. That’s not all bad news, however. The offseason can provide valuable opportunities to travel and discover new boating...

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Explore the Door Door County, Wisconsin
Explore the Door
A peninsula circumnavigation unlocks the many treasures of Wisconsin’s Door County.

A former editor of mine used to call it the Proximity-Aversion Theory. When you live in a beautiful place that many people choose for vacationing, you tend to not visit the major attractions or enjoy the highlights yourself. Maybe you figure you’ll get around to it eventually. In our case...

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