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Premier Announces 2020 Model Year

Premier Announces 2020 Model Year


Premier Marine has completely revamped its line for new 2020 models, starting from the flooring and moving up to the fencing panel colors. Premier has also re-designed its furniture and included cup holders and USBs built into the couches. The Boundary Waters model layout will have a significant cha.... Read More

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Tiara Sep 10 2019

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The Canadian Riviera

The Canadian Riviera

Norfolk County, Ontario

As a Canadian, I’m always amused when I travel abroad and face the inevitable stereotypes that arise the moment after someone asks me where I’m from. All around the world, people seem to embrace a romantic image of Canada that’s built upon Mounties, igloos, maple syrup and totem poles — a living, breathing snow globe where a hockey game could break out at any moment. And while those things are very much a part of our national fabric, there’s a lot more to Canada than just the Great White North. Indeed, one of our better-kept secrets is the fact we also have a Great White South, which we affectionately refer to as the Canadian Riviera. That little piece of paradise is better known as Norfolk County, the delightful, welcoming region that lies on the north shore of Lake Erie nestled behind the protection of Long Point, and includes the lakeside towns of Port Dover, Turkey Point, St. Williams and Port Rowan. It’s aptly named because the fact is that our Canadian Riviera actually sits farther south than the French one. It sounds unbelievable, but at 42 degrees north latitude, the town of Turkey Point, Ontario, is about 70 miles closer to the eq.....

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