Side-Power Debuts New Thrusters


Side-Power has unveiled two new powerful thruster options for smaller boats. The SE50 and SE25 offer more thrust in a small package for low-draft vessels.

“More and more, boaters have come to expect options like bow thrusters on smaller vessels, and Side-Power has been at the forefront of thruster technology,” says Peter Nolet, IMTRA’s thruster specialist. “The Side-Power range of small, powerful thrusters, with the addition of the 25 and 50 models, allows us to provide a solution for most small boat applications.”

The SE25 provides 55 pound-force of thrust in a 4.33-inch internal diameter tunnel. This option is best for vessels up to 24 feet. The SE50 kicks out 110 pound-force of thrust in a 5.5-inch internal diameter tunnel, and is ideal for boats between 27 and 37 feet. Both the SE25 and SE50 are available in both SE (On/Off Control) or SEP (Full PROportional Control). Boaters will find the 25 in 12V, and the 50 in 12V, 24V and Ignition Protected version.

The standard SE25 starts at $1,750, while the SE50 starts at $2,500.

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