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Great Lakes News

Pier 33 Hosts Boat Show


After encountering overwhelming interest from boat owners on the hunt for used boats, Pier 33 of St. Joseph, Michigan recently announced that its Pier 33 Yacht Brokerage and Pre-Owned Boat Show will span nine days, from September 6 to 14.

“The used boat market has really come alive in 2014, as more boaters are ready to make a change,” says Pier 33 general manager Tighe Curran. "We’ve taken many more trade-ins this year and have a number of boaters ready to move up, so those boats are now for sale. Plus, we’ll have the advantage of two full weekends, so we’re less likely to get weathered-out — and buyers will have more opportunity to fit the show into their schedules."

Pier 33 will offer boat sellers free-of-charge, in-water displays, in addition to on-shore, indoor and outdoor displays.

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