Satisfy your Sweet Tooth with the Sea Maid Ice Cream Maker


Who would’ve thought that one of the best ways to make homemade ice cream would involve hurling all the ingredients over the side of your boat? Believe it or not, with the Tacoma Propeller Sea Maid Ice Cream Maker, a container that tows behind your boat, you can churn out up to 12.5oz of ice cream within 20 to 25 minutes — just by cruising around.

The Sea Maid Ice Cream Maker is a cylindrical container than spins when pulled behind a boat. It can be towed behind pontoon boats, cruisers, sailboats, or even a kayak — as long as the boat is moving under 7 knots. Whipping up a tasty treat with the Sea Maid is easy: simply mix together heavy cream, flavoring, ice, and rock salt at home, and pack it in your cooler with other snacks and beverages. Then, when hunger strikes, pour the mixture into the Sea Maid container. Toss the container overboard, enjoy a short cruise, and retrieve the Sea Maid for a sweet tasty treat.

Although a variety of flavors work with the Sea Maid, recipes for chocolate chip mint, vanilla and coffee coconut milk (vegan) ice cream can be found on company’s website. The Sea Maid tow-behind ice cream maker can be purchased for $49.95 in blue or red, and will soon be available for purchase in orange, purple and green.

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