Lakeland Boating Magazine

October 2014

October 2014 Issue

The Spice of Life

It wasn't so long ago when many boaters turned their noses up at the idea of owning a pontoon boat. But take a close look at what modern pontoon boats offer in the way of performance, comfort, ease of use, and no-muss, no-fuss boating, and you'll see why they are enjoying a renaissance. In fact, pontoon boats are currently one of the fastest-growing segments in boating... READ MORE

Also In This Issue...

  • Boat Test: Belize 54 Sedan
  • Boat Spotlights: Boston Whaler, Larson, Riviera, Sabre
  • The Man Behind the Mold Great Lakes-born and -bred marine industry designer Peter Granata has made a career of bringing boats to life for their most important assets — the people who own them
  • Almost Perfect: Erie, Pennsylvania and adjacent Presque Isle offer visiting boaters the ideal setting for a year-round getaway
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