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Nuclear Plant Leaks Oil into Lake Michigan

Nuclear Plant Leaks Oil into Lake Michigan


About 2,000 gallons are believed to have leaked into Lake Michigan from a southwestern Michigan nuclear plant, according to a Detroit Free Press article. According to plant officials at the Donald C. Cook Nuclear Plant, the leak was from an oil cooling system on the turbine and had reporte.... Read More

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Latest Boats
Hunt Intros 32CC

Hunt Intros 32CC


Hunt Yachts combines luxury day boat qualities with center console functionality in its latest design: The all-new 32 Center Console. The 32cc is built on the authentic Hunt deep-V hull and supplements it with an extended center console, making for a unique walk-in companionway. Belowdecks, th.... Read More

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Latest Must-Have
Flexiteek 2G

Flexiteek 2G


Flexiteek recently introduced its latest innovation: Flexiteek 2G. While the material looks nearly identical to original Flexiteek, 2G is revolutionary in that it cools off 30 percent faster than traditional composite decking. The 2G material not only has an enhanced thermal performance, but red.... Read More

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Latest Buzz
<em>Lakeland</em> Photographer Featured in Book

Lakeland Photographer Featured in Book


Michigan City-based photographer and longtime Lakeland Boating contributor, Paul Kemiel, knew he was onto something special on Halloween 2014, when he was traveling to the Michigan City Lighthouse in the midst of a windstorm. “I was aware of the pending weather front and made the trek to.... Read More

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Great Lake Erie Boat Float

Great Lake Erie Boat Float


Who says you can’t turn trash into treasure, then sail off into the sunset? That’s exactly what participants in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s 5th annual Great Lake Erie Boat Float did on September 7. Participants in the Boat Float built plastic boats entirely o.... Read More

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