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Denny Heck: <em>1949 – 2015</em>

Denny Heck: 1949 – 2015


Michigan waterways lost one of its biggest fans and greatest supporters, Denny Heck, of Charlevoix, Michigan, this past June. Heck developed his passion for boating at an early age, when he began working for DeWitt Marine on Torch Lake during the summer. He later became owner of the 200-slip DeWi.... Read More

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Hinckley Announces Talaria 34R

Hinckley Announces Talaria 34R


During long cold winters in Maine, this is what designers dream of: languid curves, sun dancing off a perfectly fair hull, brilliant reflections in a custom handcrafted stainless windshield. And it is just what the new product development team at Hinckley has penned for the new Talaria 34 Runabo.... Read More

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Latest Must-Have Cruising Hashtags Cruising Hashtags


Sharing your favorite cruising destinations has never been easier with, the most comprehensive community for cruising information in the world. Simply log on to your favorite social media app, take a photo, choose a location, add the sqiddio hashtag (#sqiddio), and send. You’ll see y.... Read More

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Freedom Boat Club Expands Fleet

Freedom Boat Club Expands Fleet


Freedom Boat Club has reached the 100-club summit and expanded its nationwide fleet to include 1,000 boats. The boat club now has more than 10,000 members in 20 states and has doubled the size of their clubs over the past three years. For more information, visit (http://www.f.... Read More

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Kick Off in Catawba

Kick Off in Catawba


One of the classiest Lake Erie boating events of the year, the 11th annual Progressive Insurance Catawaba Island Boat Show, kicks off May 1-3 at the prestigious Catawba Island Club. “It will be a record-size show this year,” says Ken Alvey, president of the Lake Erie Marine Trades A.... Read More

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