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Illinois Bans Microbeads

Illinois Bans Microbeads


Have you ever used a face or body wash that contained tiny plastic beads? They may result in a nice, deep, exfoliated-type clean, but apparently they’re pretty detrimental to the environment. They’re called “microbeads,” synthetic plastic particles used as an abrasive i.... Read More

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Back Cove Toasts 500th Launch

Back Cove Toasts 500th Launch


Back Cove Yachts of Rockland, Maine celebrated the launch of its 500th yacht December 5, 2012 at a ceremony attended by nearly all 100 company employees and their family members. The company, which was established in 2003, has been building composite hardtop express powerboats for nearly a d.... Read More

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Clemons Boats Turns 50

Clemons Boats Turns 50


This year marks the big 5-0 for Clemons Boats in Sandusky, Ohio. This fourth-generation family-run business was first opened in 1966 by Bob Clemons and began selling Bayliners, Thompson and Thunderbird/Formula boats. Over the next few decades, the company weathered periods of high gas prices, market.... Read More

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