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Ex-Miami Dolphin Swam 9 Miles After Boating Accident

Ex-Miami Dolphin Swam 9 Miles After Boating Accident

Rob Konrad swam like a dolphin last week. The former Miami Dolphins fullback overcame a harrowing boating accident after falling from his 36-foot boat during a solo fishing trip. Konrad was about 9 miles off shore in the Atlantic Ocean, the U.S. Coast Guard says, when he fell from his boat, wh.... Read More

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Lakeside Retreat(s)

Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin

I’m plopped cross-legged in the center of Appleton, Wisconsin’s Houdini Plaza, thumping an inverted paint bucket with a pair of wooden drumsticks. It’s a blue sky day pretty enough to make anyone sing, or, in our case, pound out some increasingly complicated rhythms — this un.....

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